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Originally Posted by val4215 View Post
I thought it might be a good idea to get a rear fender for practicing, cause I know sure as heck I am going to loop it sooner or later and I would hate to ruin the factory fender and graphics.

There actually should be some plastic push pin type fastners in that rear fender. They might be there, the pic looke like there could be bolts. They break away when they need to. I just quit putting them in and the rubber gromets are holding the fender in just fine and letting it go when they need to.
I had the 99 321, dad had a 2000 model. in 99 the seat and fender was one piece, and expensive.

Even in 2000, they didn't have the side bolts in these like all of the newer bikes have, they do have a big bolt, you remove it.

then you create your own side bolt holes with a drill bit. In these (small) holes, you need to run "cheap and flimsy" dollar-store zip-ties. Do NOT go out and get good ones... If you use "quality" zip-ties, they usually don't break, and the zip-ties will rip through your fender. Don't bother asking why I know that, lol. I made the mistake of using ones that were like 1/4 inch wide and takes real cutters to get off... that is wrong. you use the ones that are thin, and just long enough to hold fender on, you want them to let go. I keep spare ties in my pad that is on the handlebars, you will too.
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