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I just had a chat with johnofchar from Suzuki V Strom International forum, and the valve setting thing is over rated. The owners manual and service book does not say to set the valve every 7500 miles or 15 000 kms unless they need adjusting, or when your paticular make or model is due for this...

It says that you should " " " check the clearance," " " and adjust if the valves that do need adjusting, and in most cases, not all the valves will need adjusting on each cylinder. The middle ground is half way between the high and low spec, and if you set the valves more towards the high spec, you most likely will never have to set them again in most cases, and the word is "Most Cases."

Johnofchar has set his valves like this, and every once and a while he checks them to see where they are at for spec. It has been a few years from his last setting, and he has still to this day, has not touched them.

I don't know much about this stuff my self, but I like hearing this stuff from people who know. I'm going to set my valves on the high spec, and "Check them as recomended." I bet I will go many a years before I will ever have to touch them again !!!

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