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Originally Posted by Dirtmonkey8 View Post
I had NO idea you could get a ticket/fine for standing on the pegs. I do it all the time riding through downtown for a couple of reasons. First of all, people see you when you are standing. I am pretty sure it cuts down on the close calls when riding downtown. Secondly, the streets are so rough you almost have to stand. I was even considering adjusting one of the mirrors for the standing position. Not now as I will be learning from your new found wisdom. Sorry that happened to you.
Fight it. Go into court with witnesses and documentation that it is a perfectly valid riding technique and that in fact, as you stated it would probably be UN-safe to ride a sharp edged bump (Like typical crappy city pavement) with the seat weighted.

Point out that riding a motorcycle on rough ground is very much like riding a horse and you wouldn't sit a horse at a gallop.

When you get a chance to question the officer, ask him what HIS riding experience is on motorcycles and what he based is idea that you were "willfully and wantonly disregarding safety".


(I HATE cops that don't know what the heck they are talking about)
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