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Originally Posted by team ftb View Post
One of my concerns in reading this thread is that the motorhomes need to be kept running and not stored to maintain reliability. I only need it for four months per year using it about 4 days per week, then it will sit while I'm overseas which makes me nervous. One of things I don't want to do is spend weeks sorting it out once I land back in the states before heading off in it. Maybe it simpler to insulate and panel an extended van and use a propane cooking stove and heater and call it good.
The simple home rolled redneck RV wouldn't be a bad choice. It's one of the things I considered when buying my Sprinter, but that's another story.

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Do many people use stand alone generators with RV's? Then aren't you driving around with gas cans for the generator in the RV all the time? Then the hassle of constantly topping up the fuel jug. Curious on this option pros and cons. How do people set it up comfortably for a few days usage.
My little Honda will run overnight easily on a tank of fuel. Many people carry them and their fuel on a hitch hauler box. Or in the trailer with the bikes. It's very little hassle really.

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I'm wondering in this situation if a simple cooler with ice blocks, propane stove and heater, and deep cycle battery for lights and computers would keep you going for a 3-4 days?

My situation is dirtbikng in the desert for two days at a time then ski bumming four days at a resort in the parking lot. Soooo not hooking into 110v anywhere, in the desert shower with water and a towel and defecate in the bushes. Ski resort I need warmth and enough electricity to run my computer and lights for four days. I have ways to grab a shower and just make sure I take my shits during the day and pee in a bottle at night. What am I missing?
In my little camper, the stove and fridge both run on propane. Other setups will be different. I understand composting toilets do a great job with solids. A Mr Heater works very well in small quarters as long as you're smart about it and don't asphyxiate yourself.

Lots of ways to skin a cat. That Roadtrek is not a bad solution either.
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