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Originally Posted by DRONE
What was included in the EML parts you bought? Sub-frame and struts? Sub-frame, struts and leading link?

When you say "no more paralever" did you maybe mean "no more telelever"? (For non-BMW aficionados out there, the paralever is the rear swingarm and the telever is the front suspension A-bracket but even BMW guys sometimes mis-speak and say them in reverse!)

Those Rawhyde guys are gonna love having 2 gallons of instant air! But Gawd that thing takes up a lot of space. I like your idea of mounting it in a box so that (I'm guessing) you can easily remove it and replace it with a cargo box and seat when you want to go out and bash around on your own.

From the pictures, it looks like BMWEuro is correct!
No more Paralever AND no more Telelever!
In the rear, no more Paralever, as it looks like a steel MONOLEVER with a fixed torque shaft.

This is one tough looking Hombre!
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