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Originally Posted by jgiacobbe View Post
Anyone with a longer ladder e.g. 24' willing to help a brother out that is afraid of roofs? The cap for my chimney blew off last night. I found it in the front yard this morning when walking the dog. I have a 16' ladder that is sufficient for getting on the roof but I'm not sure if you can reach the top of the chimney from there. Top of the chimney isn't much higher than the peak of the roof of my brick rancher.

I have a personal problem with getting on roofs that cause them to scare the poo out of me. I used to be OK with them but a ride on tar paper off of one and a little titanium later and they freak me out.

If I get any volunteers who are willing to place the cap back on the chimney and tighten the 4 bolts that are supposed to clamp it in place, I'm sure some form of compensation could be arranged.

On another note, I rode the DL to work this morning since my car is at the shop for state inspection. I swear I won't ride it on 64/95 downtown anymore. Every time there is a traffic jam. Took almost an hour to travel the 12 miles to work this morning. nothing like doing the slow race on the highway for several miles.

PM me your address and what time you would like me to show up.
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