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Noob Question

Originally Posted by jskene View Post
Some of our customers have asked whether our IQ-170 LED dimmer will work with their particular brand of LED. While we haven't tested every LED brand, we have tested our controller with several of the more popular brands, and have seen no issues.

Some LEDs can generate voltage spikes when they are turned off, and these spikes could potentially cause damage to the controller or the LED. Our controller's design includes circuitry that limits the voltage of these spikes, should they occur, minimizing the chance that they will cause any problems.

Many of our controllers have been in use since they were introduced last year and we have yet to see an instance where there was an incompatibility.
Can the IQ-170 be wired in to the existing high beam switch. I have a 2003 BMW 1150GSA and don't really want another switch on the bar. I ideally id like to tap in to a daytime running lights (cdn bike) to power the LEDS's and then use the high beam switch to supply full power to the LED's. I am on the right track??

Any help you can offer would be super helpful

Thanks in advance for your info !!!
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