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Originally Posted by team ftb View Post
I looked at that but my thinking was:

* It's got 170+K on the drive train with no rebuilds on file. Getting about that time I would guess.

* Its only got one Deep cycle battery and no generator

*no installed propane stove top, he's using a camper stove which is fine, but nothing special.

*Pop top sleeping won't be usable at the ski resorts.

* No heating furnace

*not an extended length model

In essence it offers very little to me in terms of advantages. Other than a couch that converts to a bed and some storage space, counter top and fridge.

A used class B (or C) with 120K miles or less for $2000 more gives me the above plus: a shower, toilet, generator, proper stove, sink and if I get a raised roof more standing room. At least that was what went through my noggin. If I'm waay off base please educate me as thats what I'm on this thread for. Seems you are paying a premium for the Sportsmobile name on that purchase. If all I was doing was dirt biking it would be a better option........however the mileage is just a bit high for me to be comfortable spending $6k.

This looks a better package I think:
I don't have a lot of RV'ing experience, just one cross country trip in an old Class C, to be exact. So, I may be way off base too. I think what you're paying for in that case is not specifically the Sportsmobile name, but the fact that it's one of just a few pop-top camper vans on the market. I am interested in something like that because I want something small, light and simple. I'd rather use the facilities at campgrounds and truck stops than deal with the crappy bathrooms that Class B and low-end Class C RVs have. A furnace and a generator would be nice, but I could live without them. I had a pickup with the same drivetrain in that van, and while it's not stellar in terms of performance or reliability, there's a bazillion Dodge trucks and vans with that motor and transmission, so rebuilding or replacing won't be too bad when the time comes. That is a lot of miles for any domestic vehicle, and is another reason why I'm not buying a plane ticket to go get it. If it was local and I could inspect it, I wouldn't be concerned.

Anyway, that's my $0.02. Good luck with your search, I'm envious of your position!
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