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Originally Posted by gonerydin View Post
This happened to one that belongs to my GF. It might be possible to revive it. Unplug the power supply, remove the battery and hold the power button for 60 secs. Plug it back in and it "might" work. If it does, put the battery back in. If not, do a google search for "Toshiba laptop black screen" before you give up. OTOH, you are probably due for a new one anyway. : )
I'm definitely due for a new one, but I just love this Toshiba. In it's day, it was a screamin' demon! Even now, it's a pretty nice machine.

I just stopped by the computer shop here in town, and I'm looking at $200 total to replace the screen (parts +labor) and that's not too bad. Seems worth it to me.

I'll probably do some online comparison shopping this weekend, looking at new laptops. I really don't want a new machine with Windows 8, though.

Hmm... decisions, decisions.
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