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Here is why you canít rely on bike experience to completely translate to riding a motorcycle.

Sure itís true that bikes need counter steering to initiate the turn like a motorcycle, but it is very slight. The rider of the bike may not be completely aware of it. They may even be attributing it more to body movement.

Secondly, unlike a motorcycle, bikes will most often coast through a turn. Since the bike is slowing, the rider will need to constantly steer INTO the turn to stay upright. They have never had the experience of needing to tighten the turn by adding counter-steer during the turn. What effect this has on a motorcycle is that the riders coast through turns to keep their line. When throttle is required, like from a stop making a left or right turn, the rider will run wide because they do not know how to tighten their line when throttle is applied.

I think knowing counter-steering and believing in counter-steering is required to be a good motorcyclist.

2 things to practice:
1) The swerve test like how MSF does it. You just do a quick jab forward on the right grip. Amazingly youíre now headed to the right. Another quick jab on the left grip and youíre going straight again.

2) Go through a curve adding throttle enough to slowly increase speed. Add a smooth continuous counter-steer to keep the bike in line and prevent running wide.
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