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Originally Posted by rico2072 View Post
Just wondering.....
How was the financial side of this voyage?
If you don't feel like discussing that on the board, maybe PM me.
I am having a hard time figuring out an equation for a trip like this.
Probably a bit different doing the SW and Alaska, even though Alaska will be the 2nd voyage.
If the op doesn't mind, I might be able to help with some figures. My wife and
I rolled up the Alcan to home in Fairbanks within a couple days of ruffntuff
(sorry we didn't cross paths.) Our trip avg gas cost/gal was $4.70 (USD) for 91+
octane, regular would be less of course, with 3600 miles in US and 2000 miles
in Canada. Some stations along the Alcan don't have 91, only 87. Typical gas
prices in Canada ranged from $4.80/gal USD in Calgary to a high of $6.00/gal USD at
Pink Mountain BC and Muncho Lake BC. Gas is less in the towns than at the
highway lodges, no surprise there. Our avg food/day was about $30 for two
of us with grocery store for breakfast and lunch and restaurant for dinner.
That is low but our travels had several days staying with friends and
family. We don't tent and avg motel was $95. Best info source for the Alcan
is the Milepost book. And as ruffntuff found, ADV'ers in Ak will help out, just give
us a shout on ADV Alaska regional or send me a PM.
Most of us have been there...
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