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Some interesting comments from an interview with Pierer from December.

Q: Speaking of a second place and coming back to the question on your battle with BMW, the Husqvarna acquisition, how are you looking at that and do you think it is going to make a big difference as far as your photo finish with BMW is concerned?

A: If you are running several brands within a group it is more difficult compared to a single brand company like KTM. For us it is much easier coming from off-road and going on-road because we are focusing on one brand. If you are splitting your resources in different brands, it is difficult. Especially if you don't have the close linkage to that segment, to that customer then you are struggling.

Q: So, do you believe Husqvarna may be on the block, up for sale again anytime soon?

A: Anything can happen.

Q: Wouldn't you be a buyer if that were to be the case?

A: Based on our market share, we have to think about it. Itís a European brand, itís a Scandinavian brand. We still have a brand in our group, it is unknown outside of Europe. It is the former spin-off of Husqvarna when Husqvarna was sold in the late 80s. They had created this spin-off. We bought that company in 1994. Meanwhile, this was integrated in KTM with a different styling with a different colour, but using a lot of platform components and therefore, it is very successful. It is already half the size of Husqvarna.
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