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Dual Headlight Plan - 2

Alright. Here's a revision.

Please excuse all my questions, I'm new to electrical system mods. I can replace stock stuff, but as far as planning goes, I've never done this before.

Is the negative battery terminal an acceptable ground? And I think from what you stated before, I can just take all the grounds from this circuit and combine them into one wire to ground somewhere?

Good call with the additional relay, it shouldn't be too much of a problem to include it. From what I had been reading, I believe the current draw to charge the relay coil is only around 0.1A (coil resistance dependent).

The 65W high beam on the DC side should be pulling around 8A, so the relays should be able to easily handle that. Is 20A an acceptable fuse value? 15 might be a little better, but I don't want to be blowing fuses very often.

Also, I was thinking about housing all of this in a waterproof box somewhere behind the headlight, to include the other wiring that is exposed with the Ruckus headlight setup.

If you see any other issues with this, I'm willing to take all the free advice I can get! Otherwise, I'm going to start wiring some stuff together soon.

Thanks again!
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