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Originally Posted by Carter Pewterschmidt View Post
Compared to any bike I've ridden for more than 100 miles. My TL1000S never gives me grief cept for my neck after a long day. My tiny cramped ZR550 riding two up get's bad after a while but it's at least twice as tolerable as the XR. I've ridden a Hypermotard 1100S for hours across bumpy city roads and wasn't nearly as wrecked. Even my XL600R can take me around all day and only on the ride home does the seat start to wear on me. But that XR seat was positively terrible. I went out for a day ride and half way to the start my ass was starting to hurt. I did about 250 miles and I was standing on the pegs to get home. I think it's the sitting straight up riding position and the not so soft suspension maybe. I'm betting a set of low bars would be the ticket for that bike. I'm long armed so I prefer low bars anyway.
Love the TL1000S.

The good thing about the peg position on the XR is that it allows you to stand up. . I think I did a 10 mile stretch that way a couple months ago...

I'm buying an aftermarket seat this spring/summer when I've got some money to throw at the bike, or may try one of Barb's Butt Pads as an interim solution (it worked well with the equally awful BMW "low" seat on my GS)

Other than that I've been really happy with the bike.

I'm fine touring on it, but for 2-up, I'm gonna need another bike since the back seat isn't suitable for anyone you care about for anything more than local joyriding.
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Like I like. Yep.
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