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..that MG does!! noticed the CRF vs WRR tread is in the basement now, so may of been something there..IDK?? Haven't seen anything too offensive there, guess he's not allowed to defend himself and voice his opinions/facts.

Anyway, back on track...A quick run threw the book and I haven't seen mention of "fine tuning" on the calibration of the ECU...then again, alot of this is "greek" to me so may be searching in the wrong spots.I'm just here to learn and let the pro's like yourself and Guru, elaborate on this topic, and make it more understanding for the rest of us.However, I do have a manual and can try to find specific's for you guys..

Here's a list of the specialty tools that I ran across while skimming threw the book, Hopefully your book will show up soon:

SCS service connector- 070PZ-ZY30100

Test probe, 2 pack-07ZAJ-RDJA110

HDS pocket tester- TDS3557-0112-01 (USA only) -The HDS pocket tester can readout the DTC, freeze data, current data and other ECM condition.........But, google er and the $$$ is crazy!!

There's also a bit about Reading DTC with the MIL, using the SCS service connector- 070PZ-ZY30100, however far that will get ya and how useful? I would assume this would be useful for troubleshooting but not for more specific's that the HDS could provide...Am I right?

If I run across more tools I'll post them up in here
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