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Originally Posted by YZman View Post is free

Now that sounds like fun. I kinda resemble that as im rockin a moped sticker on mine right now (vs plate as its over 50cc)
alright alright ill hafta get that going...
and for the record, we tried to do it legit, but the registry said that there are so many little bikes around that this, a ct70 was considered a moped. abide by the moped laws and keep the paper from the registry on the bike. that ct70 will do about 50mph! (upgraded a little bit)

soooo i set the valves, i think they were at -.004 little too tight.
the points were new looking but as out as they could get, and i didnt have a good light with me so i set them with a peice of paper for now...
the po said its been in the shed for 8 years! and by the smell of the gas i beleive it, anyway shes a runner.
took some kicking and fiddling but i got her to putt around. this is interesting though- it will only run with the lights on.
the off position is a kill switch! kinda cool? gonna hafta look into that.
so next up is a tank drain/flush/super reclean the carb and new fuel lines and plug. get the timing spot on. cam chain is a bit noisy as well so ill get to that.
then the big decide.
keep her and ride her tires off, probly a lifan cantidate. or sell her off to fund an st90 project...
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