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Originally Posted by Pecha72 View Post
Iīve owned a total of 5 Africa Twins in the past. And I donīt question that statement, yes the Transalp is a proven bike, and almost equally capable compared to the AT.

But even though the OP doesnīt like the Suzuki DL650, thatīs actually the most capable two-up RTW-tourer in this class at the moment. It has more punch, more room, better headlights, brakes and handling than especially the 600 or 650 Transalp. And with the newer technology, itīs also more maintenance-free (valves with shims, check every 24000 kms) and probably more fuel-efficient as well, especially on the highway.

But this does not mean the XL600V would be a bad choice, and naturally you could get one a whole lot cheaper.
The newer DL650 is actually OK, But if I'm going to shell out 10K for one I would much rather have the 800xc...the older DL is not my cup of tea.

We test road the TA we are thinking of buying and it went ok. 70+ speeds are pretty rough on the TA, and that's about he gold standard of speeds on the freeways here in Los Angeles (unless the traffic is bad...which is like 85% of the time).

We are going to give it one more try to see. Still need to ride two on on the 800xc and the Scrambler to get a real world comparison though.

Thanks for all the info so far, its a great help!!!
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