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Jason just had to put up his finger! What's up with that?

Now this pic makes me think of Louisiana, not sure why. Guess I am close though

Jason's bike and Spirit

Jason helping out removing the cotter pin

I was the only one there, wow, so peaceful! Made a tent for Spirit, knew it would rain that night.

Lying in my tent last night, reading, the wind was howling! The leaves in the trees were making a lot of noise, and I swear that sometimes it got so loud that it sounded like a jet flying overhead.
When I went out to take a leak I noticed the stars up in the sky. They seemed very near and bright. It was cold though, so I rushed back into my sleeping bag for warmth.
This morning when I woke Spirit's seat ha frosted over again. Yikes! Somehow I seem to toughen up though, and find that breathing cold air is wonderful. The sun peeked out in no time and warmed up the campsite.
Made some coffee sitting in the sunshine, and some wonderful pancakes as well!
For some reason, even though I wanted to stay there another day, I felt I had to break camp and go south.
So I took my time and packed up.
The campsite had a shower too, and boy did it ever work. The water was scalding hot and came out so fast that it basically hurt. I am most definitely clean now
I took off toward McHenry, they had a library that was actually open, lol.
Sitting here now, typing up my RR, and hoping to hear back from Pat (sk8rdi16)

The library is teensy, but with wi-fi.

Kym Garraway painted the murals ill over the library.

I'm heading toward another campsite tonight, a free one. Hopefully it won't be as cold, but I'm told that it probably will be.
Oh well.
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