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Originally Posted by Carter Pewterschmidt View Post
For one dealer support. Lack of which is reason why some customers will stray away from brands like Moto Guzzi and MV Agusta. These are already well established brands with a good customer following and a proven product, but some people don't want to take there bike 200 miles to get it serviced. This affects sales. Now you want to sell a bike with no proven reliability with an even more dismal support network.

Then he mentions resale value. You think such a thing is not important to consumers?
All of the arguments you make miss the point completely. Same with JerryH, who tries to adapt his marketing / consumer reasoning to the Motus, when they are applicable to the bargain UJM's he favors.

Motus aren't trying to market this bike to the masses. If it has great appeal and they have to build more - great. They are fully and completely aware of the road ahead, and are making it happen on a deliberate schedule that doesn't rush headlong into trouble.

It's a niche market and they know it. The quantities they plan on building in the immediate future are not huge. I've owned three Guzzis, and have been fortunate to have dealers nearby. I would have bought one if I had to travel a bit to get support....many people won't buy a bike if there's not a nationwide network to give them a warm fuzzy.

Many people will, and for some the exclusivity and all that goes with it are not negatives - they're positives.

there...that should be what - about the zillionth counterpoint in this thread?
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