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Originally Posted by Mr_Gone View Post
I checked the Dell Outlet, and there are only a few 17.3" laptops on there, all for way over $1,000 bucks. The only improvement would be in the processor. I have a Dual Core 2 now, and I'd be getting an Intel i5.

I already have 4GB of RAM. I have dual hard drives. I have two NVIDIA graphics cards with SLi1 technology. Plus all the other bells and whistles, like a DVD burner, HDMI out, six USB 2.0 ports.

Maybe I'm looking at this wrong, but I'd be paying far more than $200 for an equivalent machine.

I just checked and they had this for 450:

Inspiron 15 - 3520
Processor: Intel Core 2nd generation i3-2350M Processor (2.3GHz,2C/4T, 3M Cache)
Genuine Windows 8 Home Edition
Dell Outlet Inspiron 15 - 3520 Laptop
500 GB SATA Hard Drive (5400 RPM)
4GB Single Channel DDR3 1600MHz
8X Tray Load CD/DVD Burner (DVD+/-RW Drive)
Intel HD Graphics 3000

Though that's not a good deal, I got mine for less than that with way better specs.

Costco has a decent deal up on a refurb HP ultrabook:
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