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Originally Posted by Dirty bike View Post
And the guy with 8 bikes in the garage, it's not the other 7, it's a Yamaha and there is a known issue with EFI Yamahas. The cold start sequence doesn't like to be interrupted. Do that, then let it sit, it will display the hard start 99% of the time.
Originally Posted by Dirty bike View Post
Bull. Go out and fire your bike up for 60 seconds, shut it down and come back 3 days later. You'll have a classic hard start.
Originally Posted by markjenn View Post
Okay, test underway.
To close on this, I did exactly as instructed, ran the bike for exactly sixty seconds three days ago and just went out and started it. It fired up immediately and ran normally without touching the throttle. And this is a bike which has had three previous "no start" episodes, all with none of the often-discussed contributing factors such as an interrupted previous start or cycling the ignition.

I guess I'm either an exceptional 1% who doesn't match the pattern, or else your 99% statistic is BS. I'll leave which is more likely as an exercise to the reader.

- Mark
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