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Originally Posted by PirateJohn View Post
Nescafé - Mexican truckstop "coffee"

Thank God those tacky cappuccino machines are making inroads down there ;)

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You mean won't be a treat anymore "real coffee" down there???

The "El Marino" ground coffe in the tin, that's especially vile. I threw that out and found myself an "Expendio de cafe" and bought the real thing. Kept the can and use it everyday...17 years or so too long.

Lots of good coffee down there, just that they don't really use them.Or weren't using them??? Some of the best coffee I ever had was in Vera Cruz, they were still using the big old espresso machines with the eagles on top. Waiter walking around with 2 kettles, one with coffee the other steamed milk. An inch of coffee in a tall glass.....Mas mas por favor and then steamed milk. Good morning to us....!

Now if I can just find a proper bike for that, I'll be down there shortly for coffee but only if they let me back in.Newer passport....should be fine. Need larger saddlebags so I could bring coffee back. Any Starpucks yet? I am OK with that, I doubt I'd be riding a BMW for a change.
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