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This part turned out pretty good. I need to finish the edges and maybe reinforce the inside corners. Also need to be thinking about a lid and hinge assembly. Later I'll finish the outside with bondo, smoothing it out will be once everything is fitted. I want to get all the parts made and together before I do the final finishing.

Here's the outside form, what I did next was basically cut the box off down to where the I want the seat pan. The seat pan as it is now will fit inside the box form so I'll use that to make a mold. I wrapped my pan with saran wrap, thanks waldo and came up with a molding idea.

So I need a mold for my seat pan so I can form another fiberglass piece that will fit inside the box and where I can bolt the whole assembly to stock seat pan.
I'm using plaster of paris and fabric cloths to form over my seat pan. Soaking the cloths in plaster and wrapping them over the seat pan. After a few layers I added the box so the mold will sit level when I glass the pan.

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