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Originally Posted by Blakebird View Post
All of the arguments you make miss the point completely.

It's a niche market and they know it. The quantities they plan on building in the immediate future are not huge.

I've owned three Guzzis, and have been fortunate to have dealers nearby. I would have bought one if I had to travel a bit to get support....

many people won't buy a bike if there's not a nationwide network to give them a warm fuzzy.

Many people will, and for some the exclusivity and all that goes with it are not negatives - they're positives.
Being a Guzzi rider, I completely understand the build/sell a few hundred motorcycles plan that MOTUS seems to have.

There are people out there who are willing to have something different, and those people are willing to take on the added effort to own the motorcycle.

The closest Guzzi dealer to me is 120 miles distant. None of my Guzzis have ever been there for service.

"Needing a dealer" doesn't compute with me, though I know many people "need" to have a dealer within a half hour drive or they won't own that machine.
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