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Originally Posted by Sumo64c View Post
That happens to me often, killed by tanks completely on other side of buildings, through hills and even through a mountain. Those trainers or whatever they use are getting to be fairly common it seems....not that it matters to me, the majority of my WOT time is in low tier arty with the mrs. but even there I was killed by a m5 from beyond view range and he was moving at almost full throttle. Looks like the popularity of WOT is finally getting the hacking crowd involved.

And yes WOT can be hacked, just like every other large scale online game has.
Parts of the game can be hacked, but I have yet to see evidence of it in the almost two years (?) I've played it and through what is now about 16k battles through different accounts.

Now I've been in plenty of games where one of my group was called a hacker, and I've (not intentionally) platooned with a few guys who used to report 'hackers' nearly every day for what was very apprently NOT hacking, but then that's all some people can figure.

You can shoot a round, but you can't alter the place it hits (inaccuracy) nor its penetration, from your computer. I'm not sure what all that leaves to hack, but I guess there's got to be something. Trees can be hacked out, but only from vision - not from the camo effect they have on enemies.

When I say that in my experience it's usually the poorer players who see 'hackers' - I mean that, in my experience, it is poorer players seeing it every time.

I've played with some who I regard as a few of the best in the game, and the two things they never, ever, complain about is hackers or arty. That sorta tells me something.

If and when I percieve hacking, I will leave the game. Thus far nearly everthing that has happened - including 'invisible' tanks shooting at me - I fully understand the mechanics of. I'm quite sure I've been called an 'invisible' tank to shoot people, and I've certainly enabled it via spotting with a scout style tank.
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