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Originally Posted by sanjoh View Post
Curious why you wouldn't take advantage of the bolt above the peg? The gourde looks a bit weak, especially with the moment you are creating having the peg so far away from the bolt. Kinda forces you to put a crossmember in.
Well that bolt hole is an M8 which is def not strong enough. It's also too high and my knees were into the tank. The "dong" as it shall now be referred to was just a trial part. I expect that once I have a sample made it will allow movement of the peg mount to exactly where I want it. I'm not going to know that for awhile due to tank and seat still not being done.

I think it's going to be seriously strong. 3/16" plate is what I built my shock mounts from and they are pretty beefy. Plus I'm welding the entire length of it, which is probably 6-8" of continuous welding. The only thing I'm trying to eliminate is lateral flex and that is easy either by bracing it to a cross member or running a tube underneath.

Originally Posted by dentvet View Post
Make the trial plate even bigger so you can try further forward, etc. I think the peg position is going to depend on how far forward you can get your seat to be and how much standing you plan to do on the pegs. If you stand up alot, you might want to copy the layout on your husky and have your pegs even further forward.

I think the left might dictate things also because at some point, your left toe runs into the stator housing.
Yeah the plate is big enough for mock up purposes that's why I left some room to move. I really just wanted to make sure I got the frame curves and bolt holes correct so when I start making the real ones out of the 3/16" plate that they are right.

My waterjet guy is charging me $10 for the first one out of 1/8" plate he has on hand. The remaining sets I have made are $11/each with me supplying the material which will be close to free if not free from my buddy.

Originally Posted by ktmklx View Post
That fairing is very cool.

Shouldn't those pegs be called "forwardsets"?
I dig the fairing. I might modify it and pull a mold off it so if I crash I don't have to do it all over again.

Yeah I guess they are now know as "dong, the forwardset"
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