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DWT Custom Wheel Options

With a better understanding of the options, I again spoke with DWT. The possible custom .190 wheels available depends on the wheel halves they already make. Each wheel needs a nose half and a bell half.

10 inch diameter: In a Red Label .190 style wheel, they only have a 5 inch nose, so they could make a custom 5+5, but it would be made of two noses, so wouldn't have a deep side as needed for a brake. (They do have the A5 style wheel in the required combo less hole pattern.)

12 inch diameter: In a Red Label .190 syle wheel, They currently make a 12x8, 4+4 in the standard 110, 115, 136, and 156 hole patterns which is widely available. They could make a 12x10, 5+5 since they have both the 5 inch nose and the 5 inch bell. They could punch the 4/125 hole pattern and note that the center hole would be 4.187 inches.

The price on the Red Label .190 12x10, 5+5, 4/125 would be $183.95 per unit, plus a $10 customization charge. Shipping is extra, and they charge a $10 drop ship charge, but could send the wheels out individually. The minimum build is 24 wheels (two dozen) and the payment must be made in full up front.

Those 12x10 wheels would be a nice option, but I think this is getting outside the price range that would work for the BWs.

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