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Originally Posted by FishrCutB8 View Post
Still reading a boatload on this site. It's like a library for adventure riding.

I have pretty much boiled it down to:
- Multistrada 1100 S which looks to have incredible handling and solid reliability. My understanding is this model goes 15k between valves,as opposed to 7500 on the DS 1000? Two thoughts. First, how much of a bank-breaker is the 15k service and second, is that the kind of thing one can do for oneself? It seems a lot of people have learned to do the valve work on the MTS themselves?
- Buell Ulysses, which are popping up with low miles in my range and below. From what I have seen, there is a big difference/improvement in bearings in the 2008 models and later. Also, the general thought seems to be to get an extra belt, just for peace of mind, and learn how to change it, just for peace of mind....Thoughts?
- Tiger 955 which seem awfully rare in clean, low mile condition (though I just saw one pop up on this site...on the wrong coast). Reliability-wise, people either love them or hate them, though most seem solidly in the love camp.

Still having a great time reading thoughts and reviews, but I really prefer this site as it gives real-life ownership perspectives as opposed to mag articles which seem to have simply cut-and-pasted the dealer specs...

Looking forward to Spring when I can actually get out and ride. And make a decision.
The 1100S has 7500 mile valve adjustments instead of the 15,000 mile adjustments of the 2010 1200MTS. I had a 2009 1100S that I loved. I got rid of it because I didn't want to deal with the gas tank expanding issues. My tank had bubbles and was badly deformed. The fact that Ducati didn't replace it with a tank that was of a different design to prevent it from happening again was a deal breaker for me. It was a great bike that I trusted very much. I just hated the idea of having to replace the gas tank every 7500 miles.
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