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Originally Posted by jfslater98 View Post
How "settled in" are you? Got all your bookmarks just the way you like them? All your logins saved to all your web sites? The perfect selection of apps? Got your desktop just how you like it? If so... $200 is a bargain.

Get a new laptop, and you'll likely need to start over. I've not had a lot of luck with transferring settings from a separate PC to another. Remember, your time is worth something.

Now... if you've been cursing the current one because it's slow, locks up, etc. that's different. But if you're happy with it, I'd get it fixed. Good luck!
Though at this stage his hard drive could go any day wiping all that out. At this age with a 200 dollar repair on the horizon I'd just replace it. Also grab a monitor from a friend and then transfer your files to the new one.
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