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Originally Posted by hppyfngy View Post

My little Honda will run overnight easily on a tank of fuel. Many people carry them and their fuel on a hitch hauler box. Or in the trailer with the bikes. It's very little hassle really.

Since I will be carrying the dirt bike on a rear hitch carrier I guess I could mount the generator and a fuel can on the front bumpoer. Anyone see issues with this set-up?

In my little camper, the stove and fridge both run on propane. Other setups will be different. I understand composting toilets do a great job with solids. A Mr Heater works very well in small quarters as long as you're smart about it and don't asphyxiate yourself.

That heater is exactly what I was thinking if I put together my own rig. i hear 110V small fridges are cheap compared to the propane fridges. Any insight on if I have to keep the 110V fridges as level as the propane fridges when running them?

Lots of ways to skin a cat. That Roadtrek is not a bad solution either.
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