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Originally Posted by doyle View Post
I assume Dakar pulled live tracking by design. In Africa, the route may have never crossed a road, or at least a road where a team could slip a spare wheel into the trunk of a taxi and have the taxi beat the riders to the crossing. Not saying that teams would actively cheat *ahem* however, in South America, I would suspect the top teams could leverage the actual route to their advantage. All of the riders carry phones now and if Hogwild and Bluebull can lay out the route without knowing it as closely as they could, imagine the teams texting a approximately km 265, you will see a hill with a river bed to the left. Stay to the right of the hill and go around that side...etc...

I know for a fact that many of the fast, position teens to 30th place riders are very frustrated at the lack of rule enforcement among the top guys. Things like speeding on the liaison that is ignored (riders getting pinged for 125kph in a 120kph only to have a leader blow by at 140kph +), assistance within the stage, etc... and the ASO has been selective with these events, severely penalizing the lower placed guys while the top ten guys are overlooked.

I would imagine that somehow, the route information would find it's way to the leaders.
Fully understand the anomalies that seem to occur, but even amongst the elite there is often a lack of consistency, or things which are "missed"

I think we all agree that it is now totally a 2 tier product, not that there should be differing rule interpretations, but perhaps there shouldn't be the level of paranoia over what it ostensibly cheating - the risk is totally theirs and a bit more F5 fun in looking for it
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