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hey ed

[QUOTE=flyingdutchman177;20606148]At the beginning of my blog, I mentioned that you can do anything you want in this world as long as you are willing to pay the price.
I sold my house
I sold my 1967 lotus elan
I sold my XR650R
I even sold my Dan Gurney Eagle BMX bike that I have had since I was 9 years old.
I was ok with getting rid of all those things
But I just lost something that I was hoping that I wouldn't ever lose
I lost my girl friend and my best friend.
She was a perfect fit for me.
She loved motorcycles.
She was fun
and she had a good head on her shoulders and a big heart.
But with me being gone so long took its toll on our relationship.
She wants more and I guess I don't blame her.
Now I am really traveling alone.
I paid a big price to do this trip.
Makes me wonder if it is all worth it.
And until you have to give up something you love to do something else that you love, you don't know how I am feeling.
At this point, there is no going back and trying to repair the damage that has been done. Part of me wants to try. But I have come this far. I might as well keep going. I dont really have much left to come back to[/QUOTLal

Hey Lalo, when you come back your good friends will always be there for you..and I too feel your pain and wish I could be there for you so we could talk over a game of ping pong or shooting baskets like the old days.... but go forward and make this the most memorable trip ever and we'll see you when you get back..have a safe trip!..Little Sam
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