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Originally Posted by neumie View Post
12k over on the lease...?
I realized pretty early on that it was far and away the best car I'd ever owned (well, leased..). After the dealership's special "Phaeton tech" told me that the list price for the air suspension module at one of the corners was around $4k, I also realized that there was no way in hell I'd own it outside of warranty (I feel the same way about a new S-Class, 7 Series, or RR).

The lease was cheap - I was shopping for an AWD long distance cruiser and I was checking out the Touareg forum on VW Vortex. I checked out the adjacent Phaeton forum and saw a dealer offering a zero down, $599/month lease on a Phaeton V8; it was cheaper than a Touareg V8 so I took it. At $.25 a mile over 36,000, the incremental miles were cheaper than the base miles. I drive a lot, and I timed it so that I turned it in just under the 50k mile warranty expiration. I didn't begrudge writing the $3500 check for a minute - that car was just a pleasure to drive.

The Phaeton was the platform for the first-gen Bentley Continental GT, with the Phaeton's W12 supercharged in the Bentley. A friend of mine who was a conspicuously consuming real estate developer at the time ordered a Bentley, custom specced, blah blah blah for $185k. I always pissed him off when I told him I was leasing the same car for 6 bills a month. I finally got him to sit in the Phaeton's driver seat, and he realized the dash was essentially identical to the Bentley without the wood. I thought he was going to cry..
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