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I've had upwards of 42 bikes, I tried to count the ones that I've owned, but every now and then, I remember one I forgot.

I would guess Hondas are what I've owned the most of, and probably put the most miles on. I'm not real brand conscious or specific, I'll ride whatever, and I'm pretty compulsive, actually, obsessive/compulsive, I'll obsess for a bit on something, like that 950 KTM Supermoto I've got right now, and then I'll buy it, same with the XR75 I bought last week, something I wanted when I was a kid and couldn't buy back then, saw one a while back, obsessed a bit, bought it.

I don't get attached. Just another toy, hopefully, in a year or a week or 2 months or whatever, if I get bored with it, I can get more or less what I paid for it. Right now, I'm obsessing Tuono V4. We'll see what this obsession brings.
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