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Originally Posted by Me and my monkee View Post
Just bought my first handgun (Ruger LC9) a couple of weeks ago and have spent way to much at the range on 9mm, so figured I would buy an inexpensive .22 to save some cash on ammo - if I can find any, but that's a different thread..

early teens, but never have used a .22 semi auto.

So, what do the experts here think?

One other thought, from my experience- before I bought my LC9, all my shooting was single action revolvers and SA/DA autos. I found that the LC9 is not an easy trigger to get used to (I have whined incessantly on other threads and forums about it) unless you have a lot of DA experience. I've put about 400 rounds thru the Ruger and am just starting to get used to it.

If you are practicing with a .22 to get better with the LC9, maybe someone who has both could suggest a double-action .22 that might be more like the LC9 trigger. I dunno, just a thought- if I'm full of shit I'm sure someone will correct me.

Plus, any .22 with a trigger like the LC9 should be pretty damn inexpensive, I would think

oh and hedge, pilot hit the nail on the head in this thread- the p22 is slightly fussy about ammo, but the big trick is in how you clean it. Any excess oil or crud leaves you with feeding, firing, and ejection problems- and I think a clean pistol with too much oil is worse than a dirty pistol. I haven't gone to the powder lubricant yet but just an extra patch through it before going to shoot make a big difference.
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