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Originally Posted by redneckdan View Post
Well I got the okay from my boss to attend a confrence in Dallas the week of the 20th so since I am going to be in the neighborhood anyway, I'm in for sure. Next paycheck I will get paid up.
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Looks Like I finally got the Executive Director to leave the minions in charge and make the trek from the Sandbox. Our nephew having his H.S graduation on the 15th in Bolivar MO. Sealed the deal Waiting on conformation that she doesn't have any meetings with the P.O.T.U.S I told her not to share any cigars during lunch with Clinton , the governor, or so other B.S. the minions can't handle. She lost 120 hrs P.T.O. last year then bitches when I go without her.

Bringing the Connie and a dualsport. Also extra footpegs and hardware
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