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A latent response, as an openstreetmap contributor. It is all based on community, remember that anyone can contribute, and some even go so far as to organise parties and events, or take it on as a hobby to go record power line, railroad or other routes. I have been known to add speedbumps to the maps 5 hours after they were completed, or remove phone booths the moment i see Telkom taking one down. I cannot vouch for routing, and I don't rely on it. I use my mind, and planning, solid planning. Maps are auxilliary to my trips, and in 90% of cases, OSM has more updated, latest data than google maps (especially with new offramps and stuff here in cape town).

Rely on yourself, and preperation, and secondarily on electronics/maps. Also tread sensitively when the possibility exists of bringing down something a lot of us are working hard at, in our time and on our own costs.

Disclaimer: Written in a friendly mood.
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