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Topes Along The Highway of Life

Topes, or speed bumps, are an everyday obstacle we must deal with. I've found it best to try to be positive toward them...they're a real pain in the ass! So in an effort to be positive, I'll explain how I cross them when there is traffic ahead. Since most motorcycle travelers are on dual sports with longer travel in the suspension, we can take the topes at higher speeds. On approach, trucks and cars must nearly come to a I swing into the oncoming lane, get up on the pegs and there you have it, a passing opportunity! Everybody's happy!

Now is a good time to tell you about my most colorful tope crossing. One afternoon, this tope was hiding in the shadow of a tree...actually, I was daydreaming! When I finally saw it, I was coming in way to hot. I was on the brakes in a flash, but in my exuberance I locked up the rear and began fishtailing, barely under control. It was then that it got funny...there was a man standing at the pavement's edge about 20' beyond the tope. When he heard and saw me in my state of wildness, he quickly started backpeddling away from the road. I knew he was thinking that being taken out by a gringo on a moto was the last thing he was worrying about seconds before. I was off the brakes and up on the peg just in time...and I will admit that I caught a bit of air before landing. If I were to give myself a gymnastic score, it would be a "9"!

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