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more FJ C14 from new C14 owner

I had a 2007 V-Strom DL650 for a year, put 10k miles on it. Rode it from Tulsa to Oklahoma City, 95 miles.
When I got there, I wanted to throw it in a bar ditch and take a bus home.
Too light, too buzzy.Seemed like a dirt bike with street tires. Great in town commuter bike.
I read of two up with gear that do cross country and I am amazed!!!
Bought a FJR1300 from a little girl in Tulsa that had rode it to Alaska and lots of national parks.
Great bike. Kept it three years and put 30k troublefree fun miles on it.
when you get it above 5000 rpm, make sure there is no one in front of you!! What a rush....
Did have one problem with the clutch flluid, it clabbered up and would not shift. Maintenance issue.
Bought a 2011 Concours in January this year, 4k miles, for $10,500.
Nice bike. that is about the going price if you look.
Some + and some - with the C14 compared to the FJ. Some hard to adjust to, smaller tank, weird displays, etc.
I added a charger connector to the battery and could not find a way to exit the battery compartment
without having to slightly bend the plastic cover. Compartment is sealed very well. Probably need to notch the cover.
My battery readout on the display reads low by about half a volt. Not very accurate. already had tire battery replaced under warranty. great warranty!!! Hope it will be a little better for road trips. Will take some getting used to......
Broken Arrow, Okla
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