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Originally Posted by Carter Pewterschmidt View Post
Miss the point? This is a business we're talking about, marketing and consumers are the point. Some of you lose touch with reality and think that you can just open up a bike factory with your friends then have fun playing around making neat looking bikes and all will be well. That's not the case people. It cost money to run a show like this so you have to make money somehow otherwise you'll lose everything that's invested and have to answer to some very angry people. Just think about making that phone call...

This is the real world and in it business is hard work. Opening a new company is a huge gamble with a very high failure rate. Especially when your selling expensive toys that people don't need in a very small market.

Then you all say "People will buy them" but none of those people will be you. You just hope people buy one so that you can chew their ear when they stop at gas station with it. How many countless threads are on this forum with people talking up some new bike and how great it will be and then nobody actually buys one. I bet I can find a Norton thread on here were not a single poster has his name on the waiting list. That's because it's easy for people to talk big but when it come's to risking their own money on an unproven product the takers are few if any.

You really want to prove your confidence in Motus then I invite you to take a risk with them. Call them up and write them an investment check. Put a deposit down on for this new bike. Show them you believe in their efforts with more than just talk. Go ahead and put some wind in the sails of this new company.

But until then your verbal support will have no more merit than any piece of typical bar stool banter I've heard over the years.

You're assuming that Motus doesn't have a business plan, but you have no idea what it is.
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