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Originally Posted by Brisco View Post
Installed it last week. I've used it for about 20 hours so far with no issues.
I really like the increased music volume from my iPod.

BTW, Shoei Neotech helmet and I use a Blackberry for phone and an iPod Nano Gen 7 that had built in Bluetooth. Both work flawlessly.
I've been using it for a couple days now. The additional volume is very welcome - I can hear music now at 70-80 MPH, rather than just get an idea that there's music there. For reference, I wear a Shoei Qwest with foam earplugs (the 30+ dB ones) or sometimes Etymotic ER20s. I'm on an R1200R with the "touring" windshield, so there's some wind noise, but not tons.

The only issue I've encountered so far is that with the higher volume, those li'l speakers get overloaded pretty easily. If I get it up to max with some higher gain music (say, the new Bad Religion album) the speakers just can't handle it and the music distorts pretty badly. I'm waiting on a set of Tork speakers I recently ordered - hoping that will help with the fidelity issues. Of course, I'm not expecting hi-fi, and I really shouldn't have it that loud anyway, I suppose.
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