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Staring in the Garage photo inside_zps08706ce9.jpg

Never seen a left handed bike.

It is a left handed bike.

I flipped the image to avoid some copyright, kook. Good eye!

I started my bike about five times this winter. To let her idle. Watch the temp go up. Once I let it run till the radiator fan turned on.

I never rev it before the cylinders get warm. Even then, I've never reved it much, - to attract attention.
I like to slowly roll on the throttle, to imagine the fuel injectors are intelligently responding to computer commands. I feel a bit like tron.

The guy I bought it from told me that was the number one reason people get engine issues. Leaks and so forth. They rev their bikes before the warm up. I suppose I believe him.

I just wanted to add: I like to listen to my bike, too. While I stare at it.

Sometimes I can listen to it if I want, without even starting it.

For example;
Sometimes I feel the need to go out and move the handle bars on my bike, to see if I can make my Zena Disk alarm go off, with motion or shock.

That way people in my neighborhood know I plan on running to the rescue of my bike, just in case someone tries to touch. - Not just look.
Ya know.
I might even take her for a spin today. Most of the roads are clear. Who cares if my heated gear from Gerbing has been sent back for repairs over two months ago and still hasn't been replaced. I mean. Why would I want heated gear when it is cold? I want that hot jacket when it is the middle of summer.
(I keep telling myself I am not the center of the Universe.) Give em time. Give em time.
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