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Originally Posted by DoubleCafe View Post
I've been thinking about the MetalMule racks for my Scrambler,so I can mount my Zega Pros on them. Will you post up some pics when you get them in?
I'm loving the MM's so far but they are hideously expensive unless you can find a used set like I did. I only found one seller in the Western US and I believe they wanted $600 for the side racks only and another $250 for the rear rack (though I may have been mistaken and it might have been $250 for the rear rack and $600 for the rear + side racks.) Even at $600 for the entire set it's pretty outrageous - I think I'd be tempted to find someone to fabricate something if that was my only option.

AFAIK there's no other factory-built solution for the Scrambler, which is a shame. Even worse, with the new Tiger 800 sucking the air out of the room it's doubtful that any manufacturer will have any incentive to make something for the Scrambler since there's not much demand, it seems.
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