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Originally Posted by Pigford View Post
Just get a SHAFTY and have done with it
You'r kidding, right? Without complex, heavy and expensive designs shaft drives have negative effects on handling. Many makes of shaft driven bikes also have a rather high incidence of failure somewhere in the system. They are also heavier, much more complex and a good deal more expensive to manufacture and repair when and if they do have a problem. I prefer chain drive for this very reason. A properly maintained and inspected chain has a very low failure rate out on the road because with just a few seconds spent on inspection you can catch a problem before it fails, whereas with a shaft drive you usually get no warning until the damage is done and you're left with a disabled bike needing an expensive and lengthy repair.

IMO, the longevity of the enclosed chain would be even better by combining the advantages of both, other than the fact that you can't inspect it for wear as easily as with an exposed chain. Still much cheaper and easier to replace if the need ever arises though. Then again, when kept clean and well lubricated, as in an enclosed system design, they will last a very long time with absolutely no servicing.

On another subject of this thread, the use of used cooking oil as a fuel, I just saw a news story on tv about a program that was using it as home heating oil for low income families. Wonder what that news will do to the supply of "free" fuel?

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