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Originally Posted by lmychajluk View Post
This was why I was asking (from your link):

Let's say I get the DVD for City Navigator and BlueChart, will they both use gmapsupp.img as the fileame when transfering the maps to the SD card, overwriting each-other? Or are they kept seperate, allowing you to select which you want to use? Again, I just want to be able to load all my maps onto an SD card (maybe have the Topo built-in w/ the 650t) and not have to switch SD cards or re-load maps from a PC.


I don't know if you are using a Mac or PC, but links exist on that page to walk you through sending maps to your GPSr from either, with three options for PC users.

If you DO NOT use MapSource, the IMG maps sent to your GPSr will not be titled gmapsupp.img, but rather some other name taken from the map data.

If you do use MapSource (I do not advise it), the map sent will be named gmapsupp.img, but, as the walk through instructs, you can simply rename that file once the transfer is complete.

Newer Garmin GPSr units allow for maps to be titled as you see fit, so long as the .img extension is used.

Send Map. Rename Map. Repeat.
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