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I expect to be doing more Trials typy riding, but not sure about competion. Unless the local Trials Club ( North Texas Trials Association) has a fun class for really old guys on noncompetive bikes. Had more fun riding trials than any other untill they moved me into the Master Class. Some of those sections scared the crap out of me. Thats one reason I quit. Really looking forward to doing some more fun trials riding. So.... gear down, rejet carb (?), and new tires. What tires are you guys using on the TLR200 Reflex. Back in the "70s everyone around here used Dunlop. I don't need the best high $ tires, Just some reliable trials tires. I guess there are still rules about tire sizes. I know some rules have changed because we used to have to keep forward motion.
I have to say this, so take with grain of salt "ish". If you have followed me at all on this site, you already know my dad & I (he's 77 years old now) got rid of our 76, and 79 Sherpa-T's respectively, and returned to trials competition. Yes we rode and practiced trials on our old T's, and 10 year old techniques. Yes this was in 2001 or so... I got a 1999 gasgas 321, He's retired, so you might say we shared it. he rode it a lot while I slaved away at work (LOL). Mind you, he's thinking at the time, he'll just putter around, and watch me.
That didnt last long.

I think it was 3 months later he went and bought a 2000 model 321, and we're both competing every since.

BTW it is addicting!!!

SO, Unless you are absolutely like not interested in trials now, then:

Get a new style bike if you can, get to one of the NTTA events, make some friends. I think you will enjoy the hell out of it.

By the way, Look for a younger guy names Shawn, he's revamping the hell out of the NTTA's website, he was into 2shocks, bought a newer beta and he's really getting good quick on it. I wish I lived closer to where he does.

Then sometimes this summer we might meet, when Dad & I travel to the NTTA's hosting of the Central Regionals, that is held up on red river, probably this april or may?

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