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February 1st update:
I haven't been totally slacking. Shortly after my last post, I managed to seize the piston on the trials bike.

So that bike got pulled completely apart. Cylinder went out to get bored & plated. Redid a bunch of the issues on the bike (rebuilt forks), cleaned everything on it, repacked bearings, replaced almost all the hardware on it, got some fresh grips, tossed on fresh tires, and even got it a new kill switch. Finalizing that is on hold until the new cylinder & piston arrive.

As far as the race bike goes......

The bike is in slightly more "minimal" trim. I left it that way as I didn't want to have hand guards n such on it if I went to the local indoor MX track. Which is what I did this past Monday. I'm using it as my "keep in riding shape" exercise. It's also a hell of a lot more interesting than my normal workout routine.

I hesitate posting that up, cause watching it (and the rest of the footage I got from that night) just looks painfully slow. Seriously, all I see what I watch that is "your corner speed is pathetic". I'll just go with the GoPro really makes things look slow, and makes the jumps look small (ok, the jumps are relatively small considering it's an indoor place).

I plan on going back next Monday. I need to really work on trusting my bike on more slick conditions. The "dirt" there is like concrete. You see black rubber marks all over the place. I also would just like to be more consistent in my riding. There is one "triple" there that I come up a tad short on, and while it's easy to blame it on my softer woods valving, it's more so that I am not holding enough speed through the turn prior to it.

I also did some tuning on the auto clutch I have in the bike. It's originally meant for a YZ125, but has the same OD - ID & tangs on the OD. I was having some slight slip issues with it, but found I had too much tension on the clutch. It's also a hodge podge of clutch thicknesses in the thing, so I'll toy with it & get a better feel for it.

I picked up a WR trans for the YZ, as the bike will be playing double duty as trail bike for up in the UP. Unfortunately that is tempting me to do a 290 kit, or even bore & stroke the thing. It'd be like a Husky TE310 or KTM 350 for a fraction of the price, but not really feeling a huge urge to drop 800$ on more power for the bike. That money would probably be spent better on exercising equipment (rower).

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