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What does that mean?
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I know I'm a little late to the party, but I bought a G650 GS EXACTLY like the one nytrashman bought with his daughter (except that one looks factory lowered... but whatever) last summer for $5000. It is my first ever motorized 2 wheel machine and I think it's perfect as a starter/commuter bike. Light-ish (~425lb wet) easy to maneauver, good low end power, few plastics to mar up if you tip it over (mine has, due to my dumbassery, twice) good on gas, blah blah blah. The maintenance can be a little pricy if you let the dealer do it, but if you do it yourself, its no more than any other bike I dont think.

I like it because its easy around town, gets to 75+ mph pretty easy, is fuel injected (I know, everything these days is, but whatever). Oh, and it has a lower seat height than a lot of the other dual-sports, so it might be an easier transition from a scooter.

happy riding!
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