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Originally Posted by Deadly99 View Post
Or did the KTM factory team just get a whole lot bigger ?

Coma, Despres, Barreda, Speedy, Quinn, etc......

A big FU to HRC ?
I've asked a few of them, Speedbrain and the riders are contracted to BMW Motorad through 2014. They plan to release the TE449RR, or whatever it will end up being called, as a homologated race bike for public sale similar to the 450 Rally Replica. The plan is to rebrand the bike a BMW since that is really what it started out as anyway.

Beyond 2014, who knows. That interview and BMW's presser sure make it sound as if BMW wanted out of the hardcore dirt market so what would be the purpose of continuing with a Dakar team? My expectation is that they will hastily rebrand the bike as BMW for the remainder of 2013 and for Dakar 2014 with a Speedbrain massaged version of the Husky 450 (which essentially was the BMW/Kymco 450) and when contracts are up, Speedbrain either continues on their own with the bike (since they control most of the engineering data rights) a la Bordone-Ferrari or they link up with another manufacturer. Beyond contractual obligations, I don't see BMW continuing along that path. What would they have to gain?
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