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Originally Posted by capriccio View Post
The Piaggio frame designer stated in an interview that it HAS 5 DEGREES MORE LEANING ANGLE THAN THE ROAD KING.

Its difficult to judge/compare leaning angles from photos unless a picture is taken of the RK in the same spot from the same angle.

I owned the redesigned/upgraded RK and still own an EV1100 and judging from reviews and technical data.....they not even in the same league. Add the cost to get 96hp from a RK, plus ABS, plus cruise control, plus traction control, plus comparable suspension and handling and you looking at 25K at least if not more. Just ABS and cruise will bring the price of a RK to 19.5K

One last thing, always consider whose writing the review. A journo used to much greater lean angles from testing 200hp rockets on a track will feel cramped by the modest angles of cruiser/tourers but its more than enough for the street at sane speeds.
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